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CORONAVIRUS DAYS My hope is that all of you are doing the best you can to avoid the chance of contracting COVID-19! To those that continue to work during this historic period of time, we thank you for being a cog in the wheel of our lives, and wish you and your family good health! Life after this corona-plague will be forever changed and we hope the best & brightest forecasters will be employed by our government to design a solid economic recovery, as Roosevelt did with the New Deal. It’s no longer TGIF, it’s now TGFC (Thank God For Cable.) For those who are not working, please recognize this as an opportune time to use wisely! Changes always create upheaval. This is a time to think and make/modify future plans. This may be the time to reflect whether the post-COVID-19 market for your field is going improve or decline. Though many will need more income for the interim, this new world will force many to make work-life changes. Those spending time grasping the big picture and seeking niche opportunities, will survive and ultimately flourish. For those who’ve been thinking of a physical move, this is a rare time to re-address priorities. This is the time to glean & clean the property – time to make the KSDT piles in every room: Keep, Sell, Donate & Toss. This is the time to tune up your property for re-sale; time to minimize the personal possessions. Go through drawers & closets, storage areas, miscellaneous drawers, toolboxes, attics & paperwork. For homeowners with questions or concerns about what to do to improve property value for your home, please call me! I can definitely help guide you with optimal choices. Take time to do those things way down on the list – create that vegetable or flower garden; make your (living) will; implement an exercise routine; explore various insurance tools, costs & coverage; review past spending & design a budget you can live with; invest in yourself (stocks, bonds or - better yet – real estate); read a good book; create your story, your songs, your art… Stay safe, be well, enjoy the small things in life!

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